Without laws, it’s safe to say that the world would be chaos. Sure, not everyone follows the laws, but most people follow at least most of the laws most of the time. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to live in the wild west with shootouts at high noon.

While there are many great laws already in place to keep us safe, do you ever feel like there are some laws that are missing? 

We’re not talking about laws like crossing on a crosswalk or not leaving your kids at home by themselves. Those are safety issues. We’re talking about laws that impact our sanity, more like disturbing the peace type laws.

Jimmy Fallon asked the viewers of The Tonight Show what laws they think should be put in place, and the response has been amazing. While many of the proposed laws are funny, some of them seriously sound like good ideas. 

Check out some of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite new law ideas in the video below.

Hilarious, right? But, seriously, that student discount idea is genius!

Over on Twitter, there are many more proposed laws that caught our eye. This one is for the dog lovers out there.

Then there’s this one that we feel goes along with not disturbing the peace.

Chewing with your mouth closed is something we teach our kids before they even get to elementary school.

This next law is a pretty interesting idea. We think it would probably keep us all from getting sick so often.

The next one sounds like a reasonable idea to us too, especially the airplane part. Maybe we’d modify it to include cars. If only we could enforce this with our kids!

We doubt that there’s anyone who would argue with this last one…except for business owners perhaps. Two days really is just not enough.

What laws would you put in place if you could? Which one of these hilarious laws was your favorite?