Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is now officially the country’s longest-living chief of state. At age 94 and some change, he just broke a record and surpassed President George H.W. Bush who died at age 94 (and 171 days) in November.

According to the New York Times, March 22 marks the day that Mr. Carter is one day older than President Bush was when he passed. He also holds the record for being the longest-living American president after leaving office. It’s been almost forty years!

Mr. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, 91, stay active by going for daily walks, volunteering, and helping out at church. The former president still occasionally teaches Sunday school in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, where he and his wife have retired.

By no means has it been an easy road post-presidency, as he faced a fight with brain cancer in 2015 which he thought would be his end. Mr. Carter conquered that hurdle and wants to continue building his legacy.

Since leaving office, he’s founded the Carter Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia (1982), been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (2002), and written more than 30 books. He and Mrs. Carter continue to work with the Habitat for Humanity as well as other charitable organizations.

Learn more about this presidential milestone and the secret to Mr. Carter’s longevity by clicking on the video below.

Were you a fan of President Carter? Did you realize he was about to break an age record?