If you’re like me, you’re a jewelry FANATIC! Long necklaces, chunky bracelets, and stylish rings are the frills that can make or break any outfit. Nonetheless, we all know how difficult it can be to find an organizer that both presents your jewelry in a beautiful way and keeps those bracelets and necklaces free from frustrating tangles and knots.

Today we’ve got an awesome DIY solution that will help you keep your precious accessories looking great for years to come.

  1. Set up the base

    wood blocksNifty

    The first thing that you will need to start this project is two pieces of scrap wood. We recommend that each piece of wood be about 1” thick and at least 4” across. Lay them both down on a solid work surface, with about 2 ½” of space between each block.

  2. Add some reinforcement

    hole cutterNifty

    Take a piece of pine board (1” thick) and place it horizontally over the blocks. Then, use a 2 ¼” hole saw to make a cut in the center of the board.

  3. Get rid of those rough areas

    jewelry organizer featuredNifty

    Sand down the edges of the circular cut. Before going in with sandpaper, we recommend that you cut the splinters off with craft scissors first.

  4. Fasten those hooks


    Gather together eight #10 screw hooks and four 1” cup hooks. Take the screw hooks and secure them to the sides of the circular cut-out, with an even amount of space between each hook. Then, insert the cup hooks onto the bottom base of the cut out, just around the screw hooks.

  5. Drink some wine … save the cork!


    Next, grab a glue gun and a wine cork. Add some glue to the bottom of the wine cork, then add the cork to the middle of the circular cut-out. Allow a minute or two for drying time.

  6. Give the piece some length


    Take a 2-3” piece of wood dowel and insert it into the hole in the cut-out. The dowel should end up fitting snugly in the center of the circle.

  7. Hollow out the cork

    cork screwNifty

    Get out your power drill and carefully make a ½” hole in the middle of the cork.

  8. Give it a “hand”


    Go ahead and place an L-bracket over the wooden dowel in the very center of the cut-out.

  9. Glue that cork

    cork on l-bracketNifty

    Grab that hot glue gun again and add some adhesive to the cork, pushing it down about a ½”. Then, slide the L-bracket up so that the cork is resting on its surface.

  10. Paint away!

    spray paintNifty

    Here’s the fun part! Spray paint the organizer any color you’d like! White, purple, neon green—it’s all about your personal style. Wait until the piece is fully dry before you move onto the next step.

  11. Attach to the wall

    screw l-bracketNifty

    Use your power drill to fasten the organizer to the wall by the L-bracket.

And, that’s it! Here is what your piece should look like.

view of white jewelry organizer with hooksNifty
My favorite part about this particular organizer is that it SPINS! Trust me, this handy piece of décor has cut out a lot of frustration during my morning routine.

Watch Nifty’s video below for additional guidelines and visuals for this project.

Have you made a similar jewelry organizer before? What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? How do you usually display your bracelets and necklaces? Let us know all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!