If there’s anything better than Jell-O, it’s slime. While Jell-O is the jiggly food we love to eat for dessert, it wouldn’t be very well-mannered to play with the stuff at the table (though tempting!).

Slime, however, is another story. Slime is made specifically for playing with—stretching it, making it into shapes—in addition to it being totally and completely edible!

Let’s back up a bit: If you’re not aware, the slime craze took off around 2017 or so when homemade slime recipes started getting sent around the internet left and right.

However, there had been some concerns over slime being made from toxic products, such as Borax and glue, causing potentially dangerous issues when creating it. And it certainly wasn’t edible.

Jell-O decided to take things into their own hands and make things simple for everyone: They just introduced two different types of “play slime,” that comes in a ready-to-make container.

Besides being perfectly safe to eat, it’s also super easy to make. All you do is combine three scoops of the slime mixture with one scoop of warm water for about 30 seconds. Add another tablespoon of water, and your slime is ready to play with (and devour).

As much as parents love its easy creation method, kids love how fun it is to play with. The description of the slime is as follows: “The slime stretches if you pull it slowly, but snaps if you pull it apart fast. It’s firm if you squeeze it, but it can also pour and drip like a liquid!”

The two types of slime retail for just $10 each on Amazon, and each container makes two batches of slime. The slime comes in two insanely cool, delicious flavors and colors.

Want to know what the flavors are? Check out the video below!

What do you think of the slime craze? Do you plan to purchase these two flavors for your kids for the holidays?