It’s true that for most people, our style choices evolve as we get older. Of course you will find those who love to live in “their time”, wearing the same types of clothing they did during their teens, twenties, and into their fifties.

Do as you wish! One of those wardrobe items that never seems to go out of style is a good pair of jeans. Denim has seen its fair share of evolution too. When it comes to jeans, you’ve got style choices for days: skinny, stone-washed (somebody’s wearing them), ripped, boyfriend, and the cleverly named “mom jean”.

And let’s not forget dad jeans too. It seems like there’s something for everyone, but a study on jeans and age is annoying the heck out of people. UK-based parcel company CollectPlus sent out a survey on denim shopping habits and examined the results of 2,000 respondents from Britain.

Folks think that there should be a cutoff age of 53 for wearing jeans. To be fair, the survey only asked about this wardrobe staple, rather than Speedos, short-shorts, or crop tops. But what’s the reasoning behind this sad conclusion on jeans?

Participants cited that it’s too difficult to find a pair that fits around this age. According to the survey, 24% of people stated they can’t find the right pair of jeans, while 6% end up in tears during their search. Another 29% of folks just gave up looking altogether. And one in ten people try on six pairs or more on their quest to find the perfect jeans.

It’s a matter of it becoming a stressful task to shop for jeans around this age, but once some are found, they are keepers for at least three years. It just takes a lot to get there.

One of the things the survey also highlighted was the hidden costs of shopping for jeans. Once you add up transportation, parking (if applicable), and shipping or return fees, that could tack on up to $45.

If you think about it, this scenario isn’t limited to jeans shopping. How many times have you gone out to buy clothes but become frustrated over not finding anything in your size? Sizing isn’t consistent across the board between brands, stores, or styles.

With online shopping, we know it can be hit or miss. But with denim, most of us try to look for style, comfort, and a design that’s complementary to our body type. Why does that become so hard to find after age 50?

While we don’t know the specific thoughts of those who took this survey, CollectPlus’s marketing director Catherine Woolfe thinks it suggests that people may believe jeans are for the youngsters. Deep in your heart, you know that’s not true (or fair), but are you someone who gives up on the shopping search too?

Check out this video from news station KDKA in Pittsburgh. The topic caused a lot of discussion and lukewarm – cold feelings on the matter. Whether you’re a man or woman, denim is an all-purpose, ageless mainstay that’s meant for everyone.

Where do you stand on this survey? Do you have a hard time wanting to wear jeans after 50? Do you agree with the sentiments of some of the survey takers?