For anyone who has a brother or sister, you know that sibling rivalry is all too real. Even if you love your siblings, it’s nearly impossible to not have a little (well-intended, sometimes) competition between each other. Some people even say this tension starts at birth. These two adorable twins obviously prove that true! When it’s dinner time, this mom is trying to feed both her twins. But every time she goes to feed one, the other starts to cry jealously! Watch the video below to see for yourself.

These twins are babies after my own heart – they really love food. So much that they can’t stand to watch their sibling eat without them! I can’t tell if the food is THAT good, or if they’re just jealous of their brother/sister.

Maybe it’s a combination of both?

It’s so funny how their expressions change from totally comforted and upset all at once. Almost as soon as the spoon leaves their mouth, they’ll watch it go to the baby food and then go to their sibling…and instantly start to cry.

This poor mother, she has got two competitive siblings on her hands.

Thanks to America’s Funniest Home Videos for this hilarious video!