Having a dog is one of the most enjoyable relationships you’ll ever have. We realize this a broad statement, but seriously, who doesn’t love to come home to someone who is so excited to see you that they’re literally jumping up and down? If you love your dog, they will love you back tenfold — in fact, they might even love you TOO much sometimes.

Now you’re thinking, is there such a thing? Not really, the only instance when your dog might love you a little too much is when another dog is involved! One dog means undivided attention, but two dogs? Two dogs means that there’s going to be a little competition for your affection.

This couldn’t be more true for husky/shepard mixes Titan and Holly. Well, mostly just on Holly’s end.

Holly is an adorable, and huge, pup who clearly loves her owner a whole lot. Either that, or she just loves the attention that comes along with being pet! Maybe it’s a little of both.

Holly and her brother Titan are laying on either side of their owner, a very lucky guy who is being spoiled with love while he spoils his pups with love! When he pets Holly (accompanied with some baby talk, of course) she clearly loves the attention, but when he goes to pet Titan? A completely different story.

Owner giving Titan the husky some love.Michellemp
In an effort to be fair, the man is alternating his petting; first Holly, and then Titan. But when he takes his hand off Holly to give Titan a rub, Holly doesn’t like that so much. Using her gigantic paw, she grabs her owners’ arm and brings it back towards her!

The man obviously finds it funny and goes back to rubbing Holly each time she pulls his attention back to her — but then of course he goes back to Titan, to be fair. It still doesn’t fly with Holly the second or third or fourth time, either. Each time he goes to pet Titan, Holly pulls his arm back without fail.

Maybe the best part of all is that Titan is completely unphased. He’s obviously enjoying attention, but he’s really just relaxing! Each time the man pets Holly, he couldn’t care less that he’s not getting attention at that exact moment, which is a hilarious contrast to Holly’s jealous attitude.

As hilarious as this back and forth is to watch, it’s far from over. Maybe the fourth or fifth time the man ignores Holly to pet Titan, she has had enough. She stands up on the bed and actually walks onto her owners chest! She’s actually stomping on him, to the man’s delight, as if this is the only way she can efficiently get his attention.

Unfortunately, the video stops there. But we would like to imagine that Holly goes on to just plop right down onto her owners’ chest, because that would truly just be the cherry on top of this hilarious video.

What do you think of this jealous dog? Do you have two dogs, and if so, do they actual jealously like this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.