Some celebrities might be known for causing heaps of trouble when they step off the stage or away from the camera, but some are also known for doing a whole lot of good for the world. Take double-Grammy Award-winner, Jason Mraz, for instance. This talented singer-songwriter has been making it his mission to put the smiles on the faces of sick kids, while he tours across the country.

Late last week, the “I’m Yours” singer visited Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for a series of impromptu sets. One of these performances, a miniconcert in which he serenades a 17-year-old patient named Taylor, has officially gone viral.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin posted the moving video, along with the following caption, to its Facebook page:

Taylor, who is spending some time in our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, got a special surprise today! Watch Jason Mraz perform “Have it all” just for Taylor in her hospital room! This special moment helped her pass the time while specialists from our Neurosciences Center monitor her brain for seizure activity. As Jason would say, Taylor, may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows! Stay strong!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mraz did an incredible job of spreading the joy of music to plenty of other patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Mother, Sara Marie, said that the singer’s surprise appearance “made [her] daughter’s day.”

Apparently, Mraz has made a habit out of visiting various children’s hospitals as he tours the country. Just two days after serenading Taylor in Wisconsin, he traveled to St. Louis to sing two of his hits to Madison Taliaferro, an 18-year-old who is in urgent need of a double lung transplant. Here’s what Madison’s mom wrote about her daughter’s unforgettable private concert with Mraz:

Madison received such a very beautiful gift today. All of her nurses in the PICU schemed to get Jason Mraz to come up and sing to her. They all know she loves musicals and just overly enjoys singing. The very first song was so lovely and inspiring. It was a great end to her day. Most of our family and her friends left today to head back home. Perhaps, they will jumpstart this call and this next miracle to occur.

We sure hope that this results in another miracle, too. There are so many sick kiddos in this country that continue to endure challenge after challenge; hopefully, Mraz’s generosity will inspire other artists to visit these very special patients, too!

Now that you know all about this musician’s special visit to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, it’s time for you to watch him serenade the very brave Taylor. We can’t imagine what Mraz’s presence must mean to a child stuck in a hospital bed. Talk about a heartwarming clip!

We’d love to hear your take on Jason Mraz’s very special concert. Are you inspired by his generosity? Do you think more artists should follow suit? Has your hospitalized kiddo ever been visited by a celeb?