James Corden’s ‘Christmas Karaoke’ Mashup from Last Year Is Still Our Favorite

There are so many wonderful things about the holidays—after all, it’s why this time of year is referred to as “the most wonderful time of year.” Decorating the tree, buying loved ones presents, baking all the cookies, and of course…the singing.

If you love a good Christmas song (and really, who doesn’t?), then you’re going to absolutely lose it when you see the latest episode of the Late Late Show with James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.”

It’s a special Christmas-themed mashup, and it’s truly magical in every way. The episode features all of your favorite singers belting out one of the best Christmas songs of all time.

And when we say your favorite signers, we really mean it. It begins with Michael Bublé who *magically* appears with Corden’s snap of his fingers, and is decked out in some serious Christmas garb. “Now it’s Christmas!” Corden exclaims.

They begin to sing their own rendition of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” and to the viewers’ surprise, the video begins to switch to various of clips from other celebrities that were featured on the show earlier in the year.

They clearly planned far in advance to sing the Christmas song so that they could make this cool mashup video for this time of year, and we’re so happy they did!

As a fun nod to the fact that it was filmed over the course of seasons, Cardi B even jokes, “It’s note even cold outside…”

Oh yeah, she’s there. So is Paul McCartney, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Adam Levine, and so many more awesome celebrities, one showing up after the next.

Each one sings various parts of the song in their own way, and when combined, creates one big magical video.

You’ve got to see whose featured in this video! Check out the amazing Christmas mashup below.

What do you think of this fun, festive video? Which celebrity was your favorite?