James Corden Performs Baby Shark for Adults, Proving the Song Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve become well-acquainted with the song that we ALL can’t get out of out of heads–“Baby Shark.” (Sorry for even mentioning the title. We are well aware that we just inadvertently got it stuck in your head by merely stating the title. Sorry!)

Yep, it’s the global musical trend that absolutely no adult understands, but all kiddos love. Simply put, it’s 2018’s answer to “Let it Go,” except it has about 1/100th of the artistic integrity of the Frozen tune.

Lucky for us, though, our very favorite late night host, the only and only James Corden, recently revamped the tune to appeal to adult audiences. The best part? He invited friends, Sophie Turner and Josh Groban, to perform the song, too! But, before we deliver to you this heavenly update, let’s take a quick dive into the history of the insanely popular song…

How ‘Baby Shark’ became the phenomenon that everyone loves to hate

If you grew up attending an annual summer camp, “Baby Shark” might not be completely new to you as it has been a campfire classic for quite some time. That said, chances are, the very infectious dance version that has been haunting your dreams for months is fairly new to you.

Apparently, this uber-popular version was first released back in 2015, when South Korean YouTube channel, Pinkfong, posted the song, along with an insanely colorful accompanying music video. The clip flew under the radar for a couple of years until 2017, when it officially went viral in East Asia. Last summer, American audiences got hip to the magnetic power of “Baby Shark,” and the rest is history.

Within the past several months the song has–for better or for worse–become a solid facet of the modern American pop culture landscape. As a matter of fact, we have covered several stories about the song in the past few weeks alone, from the news of the Christmas-themed “Baby Shark” song to the horrendous (yet highly-impressive!) Christmas display set to the tune. We even told you all about the themed plush toy that you can buy on Amazon.

Our very favorite story associated with the song, though, is this poor toddler trying her darndest to get her Amazon Echo to play “Baby Shark.” Sadly, the device doesn’t understand the tot’s request and, perhaps unsurprisingly, she kinda loses it. Can’t blame the kid–everyone needs to get their “Baby Shark” fix every once in a while!

So, now that you have a better idea of why the heck this song has now suddenly become part of all of our lives, it’s time for you to catch a more sophisticated rendition for yourself. To see James Corden, Sophie Turner, and Josh Groban make this annoying kids’ tune into an instant jazz classic, be sure to watch the video below. Further proof that even the most horrible pieces of art can be made great. Here’s hoping that today’s kids will warm up to this more refined version of “Baby Shark…”

We can’t wait to hear your take on this “Baby Shark” revamp! Are you a fan of this cover? Do you actually like the original? What other annoying kids’ songs need a sophisticated redo?