19 Italians Express Their Disgust Over “Italian Dishes” Cooked By Others

If you know someone who is Italian, chances are they’re very territorial over their food and cooking skills. Dare you make an Italian dish in a different way than they do it and you’re basically dead to them.

We can’t blame them—authentic Italian food is one of the most top-rated cuisines for good reason. So it’s no surprise that Italians go haywire when others screw up their deliciousness.

To show just how angry Italians get over ruining their food, the Twitter account @ItalianComments was created. Each comment is more hilarious than the next, showcasing just how pissed off Italian people will get over some simple spaghetti. Again, we DON’T blame them. If this food looks this bad to us, imagine how bad it looks to an Italian. The horror!

These comments below are some of our favorites, but be sure to check out the Twitter yourself!

What do you think of these “Italian” dishes? Would you ever eat anything that looks like these?