We came across an amazing gallery of photographs of “bump” paintings and had to share it! The artist is a woman Carrie Preston, who lives in Cornwall, England. She started her venture, My little Sweet-pea, first with Murals for children’s rooms but has expanded into many other areas.

Carrie is an extremely talented artist. In addition to being passionate about art, she is passionate about children’s welfare and has raised over $9,000 for charity through two sponsored “Bumpathons” (yes, “Bumpathons”!) for the neonatal unit at Treliske, Truro and one for Comic Relief.

That’s right, Carrie paint bumps! As she notes, “It may seem completely mad to some people, in fact some even go as far to describe it as vulgar. I personally see it as beautiful. Painting a pregnant bump allows you to freely express yourself, it’s fun and relaxing.”

Carrie says that a bump painting session takes about 2 hours to complete, and describes the process as very relaxing and peaceful for the soon-to-be-mom. She notes that babies will kick a little during the painting sessions.

She photographs the finished work, both for the mom-to-be and for her own collection.

Carrie has painted over 130 bumps and says that each one has a special story behind it. It’s great that Carrie has been able to pair a passion of hers with a job she loves.

Check out the amazing bump paintings below. Enjoy!

A crashing wave

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-01My Little Sweet-pea

Little Joey

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-02My Little Sweet-pea

Adventure is out there

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-03My Little Sweet-pea

My little pumpkin

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-04My Little Sweet-pea

The fish bowl

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-05My Little Sweet-pea

Cute monsters peeping through the door

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-06My Little Sweet-pea


pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-07My Little Sweet-pea


pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-08My Little Sweet-pea

An Easter present

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-09My Little Sweet-pea

A blink in the eye of the Universe

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-10My Little Sweet-pea

The little Mermaid, Walt Disney

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-11My Little Sweet-pea


pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-12My Little Sweet-pea

The stark bringing joy

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-13My Little Sweet-pea

Dumbo, Walt Disney

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-14My Little Sweet-pea

You are my sweet strawberry cupcake

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-15My Little Sweet-pea

My Little Totoro

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-16My Little Sweet-pea

I will love you until the cows come home

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-17My Little Sweet-pea

Fairy tales

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-18My Little Sweet-pea

Bambi, Walt Disney

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-19My Little Sweet-pea

Sweet sweet honey

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-20My Little Sweet-pea

Guess how much I love you

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-21My Little Sweet-pea

Family road trip

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-22My Little Sweet-pea

Little apple

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-23My Little Sweet-pea

Sweet tiny turtle

pregnant-bump-painting-carrie-preston-24My Little Sweet-pea

To view more of these photographs, click over to Carrie’s website: My Little Sweet-pea Bump Gallery.