I had always wondered if making your own trail mix was any cheaper than just buying a mix. So finally decided to check the numbers.

I compared a bag of planter’s trail mix with cashews peanuts, raisins, almonds and m&m type chocolates with buying each item individually.

Planters Mix Price: $1.99 ($0.33/oz) for 6 OZ BAG

Make Your Own:

m&m’s 21.3 OZ BAG $.23/ OZ $5.00

almonds 6 OZ BAG $.63/ OZ $3.79

peanuts 16 OZ JAR $.22/ OZ $3.49

raisins 24 OZ CAN $.17/ OZ $3.99

cashews 16 OZ CAN $.44/ OZ $6.99

So based on this it costs $0.34/oz if you make it yourself if each item was distributed equally and you know planters is always going to put in more peanuts than almonds, so I would guess averaging this out with equal distribution is not comparable to the planters trail mix. So, overall I would say there is a bit of savings if you matched the nut ratios in the planters mix. And you can make the mix you want.