There are a lot of videos that become viral nowadays, but in our opinion, some clearly rise above the rest. Sure, there are plenty of clips of silly dogs, hilarious pranks gone wrong, and angry kitties, but our absolute favorites feature bouncing babies! We’ve got a great one for you today which shows a toddler giving her best adorable Irish dance. This kid is actually pretty good!

The clip starts out with 2-year-old Georgia ambling, as fast as her little legs will take her, down an old cobblestone street. There is traditional Irish music playing in the background, and the camera pans over so that we can see just what the little girl is running towards. It’s an Irish dancer doing some street performing. Wow! This lady is talented.

Without any sort of hesitation, Georgia joins the dancer right smack dab in the middle of the busy town square, and starts dancing right alongside the professional. What’s amazing is that this little tot doesn’t seem to have any qualms about performing—she seriously looks like a natural up there!

Irish dancer and a toddler dance together on the streetRAZER CLIPS
As the little girl begins her dance, the crowd erupts into laughter. Nevertheless, the girl doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Unperturbed, she continues moving her body to the music.

Of course, an adorable viral video such as this one couldn’t be complete without an intriguing story. It turns out that little Georgia has actually been acquainted with the dancer, Emma O’Sullivan, since she was born. That’s why Georgia had no problem going right up to her.

The babe’s dad is actually a musician himself, so that may be why the girl seems to be so inclined to get up and feel the music, so to speak. In an interview with CNN, her father, Jakob Stenberg Vester, explained the endearing scenario by saying, “We never expected her to be able to copy the dance so well . . . and to be so brave to hop out in front of so many people.”

The video, which was shot in Galway, Ireland a little over a month ago, is officially a hit, garnering over 7 million views and counting. In fact, Georgia’s dance has gotten quite a bit of media attention.

Along with CNN, The Huffington Post managed to nab an interview with the tot’s dad. In response to all of the sudden inquiries, the proud dad said, “Myself and Georgia’s mother are both a bit overwhelmed by everything.” We don’t blame him one bit! It must be a bit disconcerting to have so much attention all at once.

Watch Georgia’s Irish dancing debut in the video below. We think that this kid has a serious future in dance!

What do you think of this little girl’s dancing skills? Are you a fan of traditional Irish dancing? If so, were you impressed by Emma O’Sullivan’s street corner dance? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!