13 Irish Baby Names with the Cutest Nicknames

Are you or a loved one expecting a little bundle of joy soon? If so, we bet you’ve been offered more than a few baby name suggestions– probably even from us!

Heck, just recently, we’ve given you some pretty fantastic monikers in the form of ’90s comeback baby names, traditional Japanese baby names, super-duper posh baby names, destination-inspired baby names, poetic baby names…OK, you get the idea!

Although we’ve truly fallen in love with all of the names we’ve come across, we’re more partial to the ones that can be shortened. C’mon, who doesn’t love the versatility that comes with a nickname?!

We looked back at our Irish baby names list–one of our faves!–and found that these ones are some of the best-suited for shortening, in particular. So, without further ado, here are 13 Irish baby name nicknames that are even cuter than the originals…

  1. Breanna or “Bre”

    Bre might not be the most unique nickname on the planet, but we like it nonetheless. Nothing beats “short and sweet!”

  2. Declan or “Dex”

    It’s no secret that Declan is a baby name that’s on the rise, but we think we prefer the shortened “Dex” over the original!

  3. Catriona or “Cat”

    A great choice for a lass who is as down-to-earth as she is regal. We love it!

  4. Thomas or “Tommy”

    Tommy might be a bit of a traditional choice, sure, but we think it’s a fitting moniker– especially for all of you ’70s rock fans!

  5. Keira or “Kiki”

    It’s not often that you come across such a stately-sounding name that has such a fun nickname attached to it!

  6. Sullivan or “Sully”

    Paging every Monsters Inc. fan ever!

  7. Adine or “Addie”

    So, the name Adine technically carries the meaning of “jealousy,” but we don’t like to spend too much time on the negative. Either way, the name and the nickname are both unique AND adorable!

  8. Daley or “Dale”

    We can’t decide which variation we like more–Daley or Dale. It’s amazing what an extra letter can do!

  9. Keela or “Kee”

    The name Keela translates to “slender.” Again, not the most exciting meaning in the world, but we think that the name and nickname carry both a sweetness and a strength to them.

  10. Quillan or “Quill”

    The perfect moniker for a family who loves the written word!

  11. Rosaleen or “Roz”

    An Irish baby name and nickname that are as delicate as they are bold? We love it!

  12. Rowan or “Ro”

    Both names can work for either a girl OR a boy. Unisex baby name FTW!

  13. Renny or “Ren”

    And this one can work for either a girl or a boy, too. Talk about versatile!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on all things baby names! Do you like any of these Irish nicknames? Did you give your child one of these names? Do you know of any others that would fit well on this list?

Source: Nameberry