Cooking spray has become a typical kitchen staple, but its uses extend far beyond the kitchen. Take a look at some other uncommon uses for Pam and other no-stick cooking sprays:

  • Shovel Snow With Ease: when the next blizzard hits, coat your snow shovel with cooking spray. The ice and snow will slide right off making your job less tedious.
  • Prevent Door Locks from Freezing: spray exterior locks liberally to prevent them from freezing in cold weather. You can try this trick with the mailbox door as well by spraying the inside rim and lock to prevent frost from forming.
  • Remove Paint and Grease: cleaning up after a messy painting project? Spray cooking spray on your hands, work in well and rinse to remove paint and grease from your hands. Wash hands again when you’re done.
  • Clean Car Wheels: the next time you’re cleaning your wheels, spray cooking spray on them to make removing pesky brake dust easier next time.
  • Fight Food Stains: prevent those annoying stains that sauces and stews leave on plastic Tupperware by coating the bottom of containers with cooking spray before pouring food in.

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