9 Easy Recipes That Every Instant Pot Beginner Should Try

Instant pots are all the rage these days. The combined pressure cooker and slow cooker can do anything from defrost your meat to cook an entire spaghetti squash, all in a matter of minutes (plus a lot more!). It’s great for busy folks who don’t have much time to cook since it speeds up cook time and prepares full on meals in literal minutes.

The problem with instant pots is that they can be intimidating, dare we say downright scary (I mean, that thing comes with like 45 “caution” and “warning” disclaimers, so…). That’s not to say they’re not worth it, because they are. You just need to start off with a beginner-level recipe.

Luckily, we’ve scoured the Internet for some of the least intimidating instant pot recipes that’ll make you fall in love with that gadget in no time. The directions on these recipes are clear and concise, use minimal ingredients, and best of all, they all taste great!

So if you’re a beginner instant pot user, or have been hesitant to try it at all, ease into it with these 9 awesome recipes to try this week:

  1. Honey Lemon Chicken

    There are so many things you can do with chicken, but we can’t help but love this tasty honey-lemon sauce, and it couldn’t be simpler to make. Using just chicken thighs, butter, lemon, honey and some spices, this delicious weekday meal will taste like you spent hours slaving over a stove (and no one has to know it took under a half hour!).

  2. Quinoa

    If you’re looking for a healthy side dish that doesn’t take a ton of time to make and goes with pretty much everything, this quinoa recipe is the best. You can dress this up with add-ins or dressings, or leave it plain–it tastes great no matter what you do to it and comes together in a pinch.

  3. Pasta With Meat Sauce

    We all love a good hearty pasta dish. This one is so simple to make, yet it’ll feel like you’re eating in some Tuscan villa in Italy. You just need a handful of ingredients (probably things you already have in your home), plus this recipe is extremely versatile in case you want to make any substitutions.

  4. Carrot Cake Oatmeal

    Yes, you can even make breakfast in an instant pot. This carrot cake oatmeal is one of our favorites and requires just several basic ingredients. It makes eight servings, so you can have it all week long (which is totally fine, since it’s as healthy as can be!).

  5. Mac and Cheese

    The holy grail of comfort foods, yes, you can make perfect, creamy mac and cheese right inside your magical instant pot. This is a great meal to make at the beginning of the week since it makes a lot and keeps for several days. Plus, it’s kid-friendly, which is especially great if you have picky eaters!

  6. Mashed Potatoes

    What’s better than a side of fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes? Even better is when you don’t have to spend time mashing and baking the potatoes yourself (and these are much better than the boxed variety too). Using potatoes and just a few other simple ingredients, these come together in just 10 minutes. Couldn’t be easier!

  7. Deviled Eggs

    If you’re ever stumped or on a time crunch for an easy app to bring to a party, look no further than these bad boys. A dozen of these deviled eggs comes together with little ingredients and effort, plus they taste like pure restaurant quality (the dill gives it an extra zing your guests will love).

  8. Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup

    This might sounds intimidating, but this delicious soup couldn’t be easier, and perfect for a chilly night. This one will give you some practice with the “sauté” feature on the instant pot, and the ingredients and toppings are pretty versatile so you can make this all your own.

  9. Cheesecake

    That’s right, your instant pot can even make decadent sweet treats. This cheesecake requires a bit of prep, but it has a cook time of just 35 minutes! This is a great recipe when you just need cheesecake right this very moment. Happens to everyone, right?

Do you own an instant pot? Have you been a little hesitant to use it? Which one of these recipes sounds the best to you?