19 People Who Inherited Something Peculiar from Their Parents

There are some things we learn from our parents, some we earn, and some we inherit. You know what we mean. Talents, facial expressions, looks, and behaviors can all be passed down.

Side-by-side photos of parents and their children at the same age can reveal uncanny similarities in appearance. Some people look like clones! But there are also subtle likenesses and traits that go beyond the physical.

This collection of photos shows some of those features shared between generations in families. Some are extremely interesting, educational, adorable, or downright silly. All of them are special in their own way!

  1. Same Hair Affair

    Can you tell which is the father and which is the son?

  2. One of Each

    This redditor shared that his brother-in-law inherited a thumb from each parent.

  3. Got It From His Daddy

    Father and son as adults, same ginger ‘do, beard, wearing the same outfit, striking the same pose. Wow!

  4. Military Men

    Both father and son at age 19 when they first enlisted in the military. Same looks and career path?

  5. Skin Condition

    This beautiful father and daughter duo both have vitiligo, a medical condition affecting the pigment in their skin.

  6. Runs Generations

    A family in India has albinism which has affected four generations.

  7. Acting Genes

    A mother and daughter 25 years apart, just so happened to perform in the same play at the same university, playing the same role. Destiny?

  8. Love for Classic Autos

    Baby inherited his dad’s appreciation for this classic VW vehicle so he got his own matching version.

  9. Beautiful White Streaks

    Mom and daughter both inherited poliosis from the women in the family before them. Four known generations in the family have the condition that causes white streaks in the hair.

  10. Same Sleeping Face

    Everyone has a few “sleeping faces”. These two obviously share this one.

  11. Beared Style

    Adorable dad and baby have the same baldie and beard thing going.

  12. Taste for Adventure

    This father-tot duo obviously love to hit the road with the same sense of adventure.

  13. Daredevil Stuntmen

    Mom must have a lot of sleepless night worrying about these two motorcycle buffs.

  14. Are They the Same?

    This redditor shared the story of how he lost his father at age 4, but is reminded of how much he resembles him by people who knew him. Amazing!

  15. Rock n Rollers

    Father and son have a lot in common, even those these pics were taken decades apart. They even have the same style guitar.

  16. Sleeping Beauties

    There’s no denying these two are related.

  17. Thumbs Up

    Four different men in the fam are all double-jointed. A father, his two sons, and an uncle!

  18. Rapunzel Hair

    This mom and her daughters have won competitions for their tresses. You can check out their first salon trip here!

    She Has Her Mother’s Eyes

    Both have heterochromia, and eye condition that causes the irises to be lighter or completely different colors.

Do you feel like celebrating your own family’s quirks, mannerisms, and uniqueness too? What special traits have you inherited from your mom or dad? Which of these pics are your favorite?