Inflatable Snow Globe Shows Scenes From The Christmas Vacation Movie

The verdict is in, decorating for Christmas early makes people happier, so if you’re itching to buy a Christmas tree and string lights on your house, go for it! The earlier the better! 

If you’re in the market for new Christmas decorations, stores everywhere have whole aisles devoted to festive decor, or you could even make your own decorations. If you’re into DIY, we have a few suggestions.

One of the wonderful things about Christmas decorations is that there are so many amazing options for both inside and outside your home. It definitely doesn’t end with putting ornaments on a Christmas tree.

One of our favorite things to do during the holiday season is to drive around town looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights. What’s even better is when we see those houses and neighborhoods that really go all out, you know, like Clark Griswold’s house in the iconic Christmas movie “Christmas Vacation.”

If you’re a “Christmas Vacation” fan, and if you’d like your house to be one of those houses that delight everyone who drives by it, we’ve found the perfect outdoor Christmas decoration, and we mean perfect. 

We thought it was amazing when we first saw the “Christmas Vacation” inflatable station wagon, but now we’ve discovered something even better.

On Amazon, you can buy an 8-foot-tall snow globe to adorn your front yard, but this isn’t any ordinary snow globe. This super high-tech decoration displays scenes from the movie “Christmas Vacation” in the exact dimensions of the snow globe. There’s even music to go along with the scenes. 

We definitely think this yard decoration could cause cars to drive by your house extra slowly. 

What makes this snow globe even better is that it can play much more than scenes from “Christmas Vacation.” In fact, it can play pretty much anything you want any time of the year thanks to the external media input ports. Just don’t expect your home videos to be in the same dimensions as the snow globe.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to set aside an entire storage shed to store this amazing snow globe in the off season. It’s inflatable, so you can easily store it when you’re ready to put your Christmas decorations away.

Go ahead, let your Christmas decorations be the best in the entire neighborhood with this incredibly unique snow globe. You can order it with free shipping at Amazon.

Are you a fan of the movie “Christmas Vacation”? How do you usually decorate outside for Christmas? Are you going to add this amazing snow globe to your holiday decor?