No matter how much you love your home, there are always going to be aspects of it that you’re going to be less-than-fond-of. Whether it’s those tacky lighting fixtures, the bleak blinds on the windows, or the chipping wooden cabinets, you don’t have to settle with these household imperfections. After all, home should be just that – home! You want to love your space and feel like it’s an expression of you. But what if you don’t have the money to revamp your house the way you would like? Easy, with these 17 simple and inexpensive home renovation projects! You can take these projects one at a time and avoid draining your bank account, all while getting a fabulously remodeled home. Check out these 17 ways you can improve your home on a budget.

  1. Wooden Wall

    Wooden WallHome Stories A to Z

    A little rustic flare never hurt anyone! If you hate a stretch of wall in your home, try this simple DIY to “put in” a new, wooden wall for next to nothing.

  2. Classic Wall Molding


    This wall molding, called wainscotting, is seen most often in high-end houses. Don’t have this elegant touch in your home already? You can make your own molding using cheap picture frames and paint! Very sneaky.

  3. Staircase Makeover

    Stair RemodelDIY Ready

    A huge focal point in your home is your staircase – and that might not be a good thing, in some cases. (Pun intended.) You might think revamping your stairs is impossible, but with this $50 plan, you can get the modern staircase you crave that’s right in your budget.

  4. DIY Roman Blinds

    DIY Roman ShadesHonestly WTF

    Take it from me, plastic blinds can make any well-decorated room like harsh and unappealing. Well, bust out your scissors! You can make gorgeous Roman shades using scissors, fabric, and your old, cheap blinds.

  5. Glass Shelving

    Glass ShelvingPretty Handy Girl

    The secret to glass shelving isn’t in the unique shelves themselves, but in the molding on the sides! You can install this molding on both sides and slide the glass panels right in, instantly creating trendy shelving space.

  6. Mirror Wall

    Wall of MirrorsShanty-2-Chic

    There are so many cool aspects to this DIY! We love the rustic frame around these plain, Dollar Stores mirrors, and then we love that this person decided to take up a wall with this classy touch. What a creative double whammy!

  7. Dining Room Tabletop

    Dining Room TableThe Budget Decorator

    Take a cheap table (from a garage sale, perhaps) and turn it into farmhouse kitchen table! This is a simple project and has a fabulous end result that will change the feel of any room.

  8. Address Planter

    Address PlanterShanty 2 Chic

    Take down your boring old address numbers! Instead, turn them into a fabulous, multi-functional address planter. We love the look of this chic touch of decor.

  9. Lighting Fixture

    Light FixtureYoung House Love

    There are few things as tacky as ancient lighting fixtures. Shudder. Luckily, they’re easy to revamp! Whether you’re spray painting them a cool metallic or transforming them with a chic cover like this one, those awful lights are easy to banish from your home.

  10. Spray Painted Faucet

    Spray Paint FaucetBlesser House

    Speaking of spray paint, here’s a brilliant way to use our favorite DIY tool to completely reinvent an outdated brass faucet. A solid black or a chic metallic is definitely a safe bet to transform the feel of your bathroom or kitchen.

  11. Faux Marble Counter Top

    Fake Marble TablePoppy Talk

    This is one of our favorite DIYs of all time. Using this cheap faux marble paper, you can instantly transform any table or counter top into an inexpensive looking piece of furniture! In reality? You spent about $20 on a roll of this super-sticky paper. Absolutely brilliant.

  12. Framed Flat Screen

    Frame TVDecorating Your Small Space

    You spent good money on your awesome flat screen – but why does it look so tacky just hanging out on your wall? If that’s the case, it can be easily remedied by putting a rustic frame around your already lovely TV.

  13. Revamped Ceiling Fan

    Ceiling Fan RemodelMy DIY Projects

    The 70’s called…they want their ceiling fan back. Bring your fan into the 21st century by giving it a fresh, fabulous coat of (you guessed it) spray paint. We love this simple black; it’s a perfect neutral and guaranteed to class up any room.

  14. Bookshelf Headboard

    Headboard with ShelvesApartment Therapy

    Need space? Hate your old headboard or lack of headboard? Do we have the solution for you. Use bookshelves as an inventive headboard to get extra storage and give your room a creative twist.

  15. Faux Thick Baseboard

    Faux Thick BaseboardThe House of Smiths

    We couldn’t really tell you why, but something about a thick baseboard molding just LOOKS so much more elegant than smaller, thin baseboard. Never fear, there is an easy way to expand your existing baseboard without anyone ever noticing.

  16. Gallery Wall

    CommandStripGalleryWallPretty Providence via Good Housekeeping

    Nothing screams trendy, modern decor like a gallery wall! If you love the look of this decor choice, rest assured that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg collecting pieces. In fact, you can make this gallery wall with Command Strips and about $20. You’re welcome.

  17. Kitchen Cabinets

    Cabinet RemodelingListotic

    Tacky wooden cabinets getting you down? We don’t blame you. With this DIY, you can transform your entire kitchen just by remodeling your cabinets. And you can do it all for super cheap!

What do you think of these cheap renovations? Will you be updating your home with these projects? Share your thoughts and DIY ideas in the comments section below.