Have you ever ordered something online that you’re SO excited to receive? Perhaps it’s a gorgeous new dress for an upcoming date night with your honey, or that blue end table that is going to match your new bedroom set perfectly. You spend your days waiting for the mailman to deliver your new, cherished item, but, upon opening the box, you see realize that, would you thought would be a “must-have,” is anything but.

We’ve all been there, right? While online shopping is convenient, it can sometimes be hard to tell exactly what you’re buying. An extreme example of this recently happened to 5-year-old, Alfie, a little boy who lives in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, in the U.K. Apparently, he and his mother, Helen Cox, decided to order a nativity shepherd costume from Amazon. Alfie was excited as it came along with an inflatable sheep. 

Cool, right? Not so fast…

When the package arrived, the mother sent the boy to school in the costume, but failed to blow up the inflatable sheep before sending it to school with her young son. To her surprise, Alfie’s teachers sent the sheep home, explaining that the sheep couldn’t be part of the school’s nativity scene. Confused, the mother decided to inflate it herself. She told her story to the Daily Mail.

“It took forever to blow up – I was stood there blowing and blowing until the air reached its legs,” Cox said. “I hurriedly popped the stopper back in so it wouldn’t deflate and suddenly spotted the huge hole in the bum. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Yep, the inflatable was actually a blow-up sex doll of sorts, complete with eyelashes, a mustache, and lipstick.

All together now, folks: GROSS!!!!!

What makes the matter even worse is the fact that the product wasn’t labeled as being a naughty toy; it came with this seemingly-innocuous title: ‘Labreeze kids boys brown shepherd costume inflatable sheep nativity fancy dress outfit’.

Something tells us Amazon has some explaining to do!

To see more pictures of Alfie and his not-safe-for-school sheep, and to hear how his mother has explained the unfortunate incident to her young son, be sure to watch the video below.

We can’t wait to hear your take on this X-rated nativity scene mishap! Are you surprised that this product is labeled as a children’s item? Do you think the teachers were right in sending it home? Has something similar happened to you before?