IKEA “lack” tables are one of the store’s most popular items, and for good reason! They’re lightweight, inexpensive, and versatile to use in your home. It’s that versatility that makes these pieces of decor perfect for a simple upgrade. While these tables are great in theory, they don’t have any personality to them – which is were your creative side needs to come out to play! There are so many fun things you can turn a plain IKEA table into, some things that aren’t even a table at all! Check out these nine fun ideas that you can use as inspiration to makeover your own IKEA tables.

  1. Flowered Coffee Table

    Flowered Coffee TableHomed It

    The blank surface of the lack table is perfect for a little sprucing up! A great, semi-permanent option is to use removable wallpaper; the wallpaper comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you can change the design on the table as your mood changes.

  2. Rustic Farmhouse Table

    Farmhouse Coffee TableHomed It

    If your home is charmingly rustic, you can easily turn your IKEA table into a lovely piece of farmhouse decor to match your countryside interior.

  3. Modern Table

    Modern Coffee TableHomed It

    The twist with this DIY isn’t in the table top, but in the table legs. Instead of the chunky table legs that come with the lack, buy some thin, spindle legs at your local hardware store. This simple addition will change the entire look of your basic table.

  4. Lego Top Table

    Lego Coffee TableJanny Bean

    Make a fun play station for the kids by turning the plain coffee table into a Lego table! This simple table top can be bought (or made yourself) and hot glued to your lack table for endless fun at playtime.

  5. Trendy Corner Table

    Glamorous Coffee TableHomed It

    This might be the easiest way to make a blah table into a glam piece of classy decor. Purchase some metal corners and glue them onto your IKEA table, instantly turning your cheap buy into an expensive-looking piece.

  6. Doggy Dish Table

    Doggy Dish Coffee TableIKEA Hackers

    Don’t forget about your four-legged friends! You can turn your side table into a double doggy dish so your pups can have a classy place to eat dinner, too.

  7. Corner Shelving Unit

    Corner Shelfing UnitLive From B5

    How many IKEA lack tables does it take to reach your ceiling? Let’s find out! Stack your coffee tables in a corner to create some creative corner shelves.

  8. Ottoman Table

    Ottoman IKEA TableMy Frugal Dime

    Turn your IKEA table into a fancy ottoman by gluing some decorative padding onto your table top! And for a fraction of the price of an actual ottoman, might we add.

  9. DIY Patio Table

If you’re looking for an outdoor patio table, don’t look any further than a lack table! With this awesome DIY, you can turn it into party essential, perfect for holding ice, drinks, and snacks.

Do you like any of these ideas? Will you makeover your IKEA table with any of these ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.