You Have to See This IKEA Dining Room Makeover

The Chan family of Long Island, New York, has just purchased their first house! They knew it was time to move out of their small city apartment and into a starter house when their first baby, Nico, was born. But just because you move into a house, doesn’t mean you have all the space you want to. Some houses can be just as small (in some cases, even smaller!) than Manhattan apartments. But for the Chan family, who love to entertain, their small dining room was not going to cut it. So the experts at the IKEA Home Tour team came in to give the small dining room space a complete makeover. You have to see what the end result is, you’ll want their dining room for yourself! Watch the makeover in the video below.

Before the makeover, the Chan’s dining room was a little barren. It was small room, with nice hardwood floors, that only had one, small dining room table for four.

Not exactly a dinner party space.

Beyond that, but the Chan’s wanted a sleek, sophisticated style and a room layout that would incorporate little Nico, too. Luckily, IKEA has just about everything you’ve ever wanted, and provided the ideal place to find their new dining room setup.

Watching the family shop through IKEA gave me the strongest desire to go get lost in this favorite store! If you’ve never been to IKEA before, you need to make a day-trip of it, because it’s a surprising amount of fun. Especially if you love furniture and design, or just decorating in general!

Essentially, IKEA is three floors (sometimes more or less, depending on the location) of chic, European furniture. There’s a section for just about anything you can dream up – bedding, lamps, shower curtains – and the entire place lays out almost like a museum, with each section running into the next. It’s extremely fun to wander around, and there’s even a Swedish cafe where you can get an amazing lunch while you shop – but be warned, you may get lost among the adorable bedside table displays.

The IKEA Home Tour team completely outdid themselves with this dining room makeover. The space went from small and nearly empty, with only a tiny table for four, to a seemingly huge and functional space.

The Chan’s now have an extendable table, which they can pull out to almost double in length depending on how many people they have over. They also have bench wrap-around seating, which accommodates a larger party without having a bulky amount of chairs in the space. On the walls, the team installed some Valje shelves which adds not only some flare to the space, but some functional storage for dining room essentials and Nico’s toys.

For Nico, the team also included a removable highchair feature, which can be easily taken off and washed when Nico is done with dinner!

What do you think of the before and after of this dining room makeover? Share your thoughts on this re-envisioned space in the comments section below.