Sometimes, the best thing a handy parent can do for their kids is to help update their space. Whether it’s restyling a room or pulling off an amazing DIY, any teen (or kid, for that matter!) is always down for a revamped room. So when Chris Heider wanted to make something special for his daughter’s bedroom, and his daughter was so excited for her DIY surprise!

What did Chris do? He created a platform bed that gave his daughter’s space an unique look and extra storage.

Chris took 7 kitchen cabinets of varying sizes that he purchased at IKEA and used them as the foundation for the platform bed in his daughter’s bedroom. These cabinets were inexpensive, easy to put together, and provided and functional, sturdy base for the project at hand.

In the video below, Chris shows us the whole process, from putting together the IKEA cabinets to framing the bed platform to the final touches of placing the mattress on the top of the new platform – as well as everything in between.

We’re not sure if Chris came up with the idea for the platform storage bed on his own or if he had seen it elsewhere, but regardless, it’s a really smart and clever way to combine storage with a bed, and he did so on the cheap (Chris said that it cost about $480 to complete this project, with around $355 going towards the cabinets).

Compared to over a $1,000 for a brand new platform bed? That is an amazing price for a fantastic end result.

The video is very straight forward, with Chris doing the voice over, explaining every step along the way. He makes it look so simple and effortless. Clearly, Chris knows what he’s doing. It helps that he has the tools necessary to complete this project (which he says took him about 6 hours to complete). It’s also nice to see that Chris gets the help from his daughter – a little father-daughter bonding time, as well as a great way for her to learn the process of putting the platform storage bed together!

While it might not be for everyone (for instance, this is not ideal for couples, since one person would have to climb over the other to get in and out of bed, and the platform storage bed takes up more floor space than a normal bed — though it does have a lot of crawl space underneath for storage). Still, it’s a smart use of space.

Even if you aren’t ready to tackle this project or don’t think that a platform storage bed is right for you or your home, hopefully it provides a little inspiration for how to use inexpensive furniture and a little DIY effort to pull together a creative solution to your household needs! It certainly goes to show that a basic household item can be brilliant updated in a functional, cheap way.

What do you think of this DIY platform bed? Is this something you would consider making for your son, daughter, or for yourself? Share your thoughts on the project in the comments section below.