We’re not saying money is everything, but if everyone got paid the same amount of money, we’re sure people would have very different jobs than they do now. Just ask this group on Reddit, who shared what their dream job would be if the salary was the same across the board. The answers may surprise you!

  1. A Red Panda Keeper

    “This is the dream!”

  2. Horror Movie Special Effect Artist

    “I have a good friend that did this for a long time. Long hours and a lot of work. Sometimes you’ll spend 8 hours making someone up for a couple hours of shooting that may only be a few seconds of screen time. Get to meet a lot of actors, though. You also get to be paid to be artistic all day, which can be really cool.”

  3. Ice Cream/Soup Maker

    “During the warmer seasons I would like to make and sell ice cream. During the colder seasons I would like to make and sell soup.”

  4. An Anonymous Artist

    “You can be an artist in any field, from chef to carpenter to coder. It just means you’re being creative.”

  5. Mattress Tester

    “As long as I can work from home during my own hours.”

  6. Travel Writer

    “I’ve seen a couple YouTube videos of people who go review resorts in places like the Maldives, and they get to stay for free. Unbelievable.”

  7. Stay at Home Parent

    “I really wish I could have stayed home with my kids, instead of paying someone else to care for them. But life is expensive, and if you don’t pay into social security and a 401k, well let’s just say that I don’t want to end up sleeping on their couches one day. But I miss them when we’re apart – and that’s only during school hours.”

  8. Forest Ranger

    “Getting paid to largely do what I do in my spare time anyway (plus what amount to some basic janitorial chores)? Win!”

  9. Cake Decoratorr

    “I would love to open a bakery. People tell me to do it but it’s such a niche market, I can’t risk it. Just make stuff for friends now.”

  10. A Clerk in a Used Bookstore

    “Only if cat is in residence.”

  11. Librarian at a College Library

    “That’s actually a pretty cool career path. You’re not going to be filthy rich doing it, but academic librarians are professionals and some of them get paid pretty well.”

  12. Dog Walkers

    “I just want to be with dogs all day.”

  13. The Easter Bunny

    “Only work one day a year. Free chocolate. Sweet bunny outfit.”

What would your dream job be if salary wasn’t a thing?