Ideas to Make Your House & Car Wheelchair Friendly on a Budget

by Tip Hero Robert Cordray













Every family and caregiver must consider what they want to do when they are putting together a home or car that is going to be used for someone with a disability. Adapting the home or vehicle to to meet the needs of someone living with a disability while also accommodating everyone else in the house is a tall task. However, there is something that can be done to make everyone happy. From handicapped vans to stair ramps and lifts, there is an option that will help the family feel more comfortable and at ease. It can also be kind of pricy if you completely remodel, thats why we have other suggestions!

Each of the two suggestions below are designed to make the home or vehicle easier to use for someone who has a handicap. Many people want to get their mobility back and find ways to get around more easily, and each of the topics below can help to make that happen for the person who wants to get back to a more active lifestyle.

Convert the Van or Car

Converting a van or car to accommodate someone with a disability is something that can happen in many different forms. Many with disabilities can drive because of the technology available to them. The car or van can be fitted with a special kit that allows the individual with a disability to drive. Others need to have their car or van converted to ensure that the person who is in a wheelchair is able to get into the van or car at all.

The conversion kits that allow individuals with disabilities to drive cars can be easily installed and set up in a car to allow someone to drive the car even if they cannot walk. These kits help to meet people where they are and give them the mobility they need to operate a vehicle. However, these kits must be professionally installed and the driver may need to be re-certified to drive in their state to have their driver’s license properly notated.

A van can be converted to take on a wheelchair by removing back seating and even putting in a lift gate or wheelchair lift that helps the individual with a disability roll their wheelchair into the van. There are also kits that can have handles or a ramp installed in a car that will allow someone to slide from their wheelchair into the car with ease.

If converting your van seems daunting, their are many companies that sell vans made specifically for those who need wheelchair access like the Mobility Resource.

Modify the Home

A stair ramp or lift is the most common and also the easiest feature to install in a home that will allow ease of getting around the house house. A person can have their wheelchair on each level of the home and simply ride the stair ramp or lift up and down the stairs as they need. This makes the whole home accessible to the person while also preventing others from having to get them up and down the stairs.

Every home where a person with a disability lives should be fitted with ramps that will bring them up onto the porch, down into the back yard and over every embankment. People want to enjoy their property and make the most of their time at home, but the home must be wheelchair-friendly. A series of ramps that will take a person who is bound to a wheelchair to different parts of the property will give someone the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and not feel like they are trapped inside their home.

These simple installations are designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to go on living their life. While a ramp or van conversion may not be ideal for others in the family, they are extremely helpful and sometimes even required for people with disabilities. There is a way to make everyone in the house comfortable, and these conversions help to ensure that the family member with a disability has just as much freedom as everyone else.