Summer means swimming at the beach or pool. Summer means sunbathing in the backyard. Summer means iced coffee after iced coffee.

Even if you’re a hot coffee drinker, chances are, when summer hits, the more ice in your java, the merrier.

But you don’t have to spend all your money at Starbucks getting one of their fancy iced coffee drinks. There are lots of ways to make this summer beverage at home. And Sara Lynn Cauchon at the Domestic Geek shows us how. She has three recipes for cool, creamy, and delicious ice coffees that you’re going to love.

All of her iced coffee recipes can be made blended up in a blender, which give it a more frothy texture than just pouring coffee over ice. Trust.

Some tips before we get started: Sara recommends brewing a pot of strong coffee the night before and storing it in the fridge overnight. She brews it about one and a half times the strength of traditional coffee.

“I find often in iced coffees you lose a lot of that coffee flavor so you can afford to brew it a little bit stronger,” she says. You can also used store-bought cold brew, but there’s something about homemade.

Her first recipe is just a traditional iced coffee recipe, but one that’s really going to tantalize your taste buds. Once you have your brewed coffee in the blender, the second ingredient is simple: milk. You can use whatever your preference—whole milk, almond milk, or even cream to make it richer.

The third ingredient is what really sets Sara’s iced coffees apart from the rest: It’s sweet and condensed milk, a combo of evaporated milk and sugar. “It’s usually used in baked goods, but it’s amazing when added to coffee,” she says.

You can also use simple syrup if you can’t find sweet and condensed milk. Just don’t use granulated sugar, which doesn’t dissolve as well.

Final step: Ice! That’s what makes it nice and frosty and cold. Once that’s blended up, pour it into a cup and enjoy.

In the video below, Sara goes over how to make her traditional iced coffee as well as two other summer favorite: an iced mocha coffee and an iced vanilla latte smoothie. They’re both super simple to make and will quench your thirst (and give you that needed caffeine jolt) on a hot summer day.

Learn how to make these amazing iced coffees below:

Are you a fan of iced coffee? Have you ever made your own at home? Which one of Sara’s recipes do you think you’ll try out first?