Hydrangeas are lovely flowers – even more so when they can be eaten! Cakes for all occasions look even more beautiful (and taste even more delicious) with some frosted flowers on top. Frosted flowers aren’t necessarily easy to make, especially the complexity of hydrangeas, but with this tutorial from Wilton, you’ll have lovely, edible flowers in no time! Watch the video below and learn some helpful hints to make the best frosting hydrangeas possible.



To make these frosted hydrangea, there’s a couple pro tips to keep in mind.

First, hydrangeas have a rounded, kind of raised shape to them. So to keep them from lying flat against the cake, use a firm piping frosting to create a mound that the hydrangeas can rest on.

Secondly, the colors are very important, because hydrangeas have a very specific coloring of periwinkle, light blue and a light, subtle blue-green.

And lastly, turning the frosting while you’re piping it is crucial to get the realistic shape of the hydrangea flower. The tutorial explains the technicalities of this twisting technique wonderfully!

– 1B Tip
– Piping bag
– Spatulas (smaller)
– 3 bowls

– Buttercream icing
– Blue and yellow food coloring