When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s safe to say that everyone has an opinion. But, whether you love it or hate it, it’s a trend that is part of our mainstream and will likely never go away. With that being said, in extreme cases of “nipping and tucking”, patients like the one we are going to show you today take the craze to dangerous new levels.

Meet Rodrigo Alves, a 34-year-old Sao Paolo native who, in an interview with The Sun, revealed that he has had 51 plastic surgeries and over 100 cosmetic procedures.

“It’s been a long journey for me,” Alves says. “I’ve put myself through so much plastic surgery and so much pain… I don’t get upset now. I’m a tough cookie.”

Although he clearly likes to focus on the positive that has come from his extreme body modifications, Alves’ rising surgery count is a concerning number, especially considering the social media star has spent almost half a million dollars on his habit.

Rodrigo Alves in gardenRodrigo Alves via Instagram

And while plenty may view his spending as egregious, it turns out that his obsession could cost him even more.

You see, Alves has undergone a whopping TEN rhinoplasty surgeries to date, three of them occurring in the past year alone. Perhaps not surprisingly, the operations have had an adverse effect on both his looks and his health.

Alves’ nostrils are now so small that he is struggling to breathe through his nose. In fact, the holes are so tiny and malformed, doctors are having trouble properly treating him for a nasal infection—all because they simply can’t look inside using their given instruments. Yikes!

What’s making the “Human Ken Doll” rethink plastic surgery

In an appearance on the popular reality program Botched,Alves seeks advice from world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif for his infection. It is during his consultation that the “Human Ken Doll” realizes that his problems are far from being just cosmetic.

After struggling through the examination, Dr. Nassif reveals to the frantic patient that the soft tissue around the nasal area is “destroyed” and that Alves will most likely suffer from even more scar tissue growth in the coming months.

Rodrigo Alves' nose examE! Entertainment
The good doc ends the exam with a stern warning for the plastic surgery addict. “There’s a high possibility that, if you let one of these doctors touch your nose now, this [the nose] will turn black and then die and fall off.”

Pretty scary stuff, huh? Although Alves says that he is done for good, we can’t help but think this lifestyle is going to be a hard one for him to break. We hope that Alves heeds the warning and leaves the rest of his face alone!

To see even more photos of the “Human Ken Doll”, be sure to watch the video below. We have to hand it to him, he certainly does have an interesting look! We just hope he’ll have a NOSE to look forward to in the future…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Alves’ plastic surgery nightmare. Do you think the results of his operations were worth the pain and risks? Have you ever gotten plastic surgery? If so, did you suffer any complications?