Is your home crawling with action figures your kids don’t play with but can’t bear to throw away? Why not give them a new mission with this super fun craft from Instructables! Watch the video and learn how these superheroes can light their way into your décor.

You’ll Need:

– Action figures (hard plastic works best)
– Gold spray paint
– White spray paint + primer
– X-Acto knife for clean-up and trimming
– Fine grit sandpaper
– E6000 glue
– Super glue
– Painter’s tape
– Plastic bag or glove
– Tall, skinny lamp

How To:

  1. Use the tape and a plastic bag or glove to mask off the lamp socket.
  2. Lightly sand the entire lamp. Wipe it down to remove the dust and let it dry, which will allow the paint and glue to adhere better.
  3. Start to assemble the action figures by gluing a large figure to the base, sanding the contact point where you’ll apply glue to the figure. Since E6000 has a long setting time, Instructables recommends using super glue sparingly to hold pieces in place. Be sure not to use the two glues in the same place, though!
  4. Fill in the base with other figures, making it as full and busy as possible. Superglue arms, legs and other moveable parts into position. For larger figures, use painter’s tape to secure them to the base.
  5. Once everything is glued, leave it in a safe place for at least 24 hours for the glue to cure.
  6. The next day, remove the painter’s tape from around the figures. Check to make sure everything is secure. If there are any parts still moving, secure with more glue and allow to cure before painting.
  7. Use the X-Acto knife to clean up any excess glue spots or strings.
  8. Tape off and cover the power cord in plastic and painter’s tape.
  9. Place the lamp in a spot that will allow you to move all around it and reach it from different angles.
  10. Apply two coats of the white spray paint base. It does not have to be perfect!
  11. Apply two coats of the gold spray paint, allowing 45 minutes between each coat. Pay special attention to the middle of the lamp and any nooks and crannies among the figures.
  12. Keep adding coats until the lamp looks well-covered and even.

Super fun, and a great project for older kids! Will you give this one a try? What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate old toys into your decorating or crafts?