They might not cover every table, shelf and surface in our homes anymore, but crocheted doilies are still hanging around most of our homes. What to do if you inherited a bunch from your grandmother and can’t bear to get rid of them? Craft! This idea from The Colorado Lady shows us how to repurpose old doilies into vintage wall art that’s anything but old-fashioned.

You’ll Need:

Doily Wall Art DoiliesThe Colorado Lady

– A wooden board, roughly 4-feet-by-3-feet
– Crochet doilies
– Chalk paint
– Loctite Spray Adhesive
– Hot glue gun
– Fabric flowers, buttons, and other vintage decorations of your choice

How To:

  1. Lightly sand the edges of the wooden board.
  2. Paint the wooden board with two coats of chalk paint and let dry overnight.
  3. Wash the doilies and press so that they are as flat and wrinkle-free as possible.
  4. Lay out the doilies on the painted, dry board in your own design. Some of the doilies should hang off the edges of the board.
    Doily Wall Art Close-up FinalThe Colorado Lady
  5. Once you’ve found a design that makes you happy, adhere the doilies to the board with the Loctite Spray Adhesive. Start in a corner and spray the board, pressing the doilies onto it one by one. Do not spray down the edges.
  6. Allow the whole thing to set for about 48 hours.
  7. Once the board and the doilies have set, flip it over and adhere the edges to the back of the board with the hot glue gun.
  8. Arrange the fabric flowers, button, smaller doilies and other vintage decorations into a design of your choice atop the doilies. Adhere with hot glue and let dry.
    Doily Wall Art Flowers FinalThe Colorado Lady

That’s it! Really, the hardest part of this craft is waiting for the glue and adhesive to dry.

Doily Wall Art On Wall FinalThe Colorado Lady

Do you think this project could work in your home? What are some other ways you like to incorporate vintage touches into your décor?