If you’re like me you probably have a ton of VHS tapes gathering dust in some drawer. I’ve been afraid I would loose my old family videos to obsolescence if I didn’t get them into digital format. I just had a baby girl and someday I want to show her videos of when my brother and I were just children. When her grandparents were young and we all packed into the wood-paneled station wagon for family vacations off to Yellowstone or Disneyland. So I was excited when I found the video below which shows you how to transfer your VHS videos to your computer. From there you can store them on a thumb drive or the cloud for safekeeping for future generations.

The video highlights one product that is about $75 on Amazon but there are other converters you can find at Amazon for around $20. Also Amanda in the comments mentioned that Walgreens will transfer VHS to digital for $25 per tape as an alternative. Guessing CVS, and RiteAid may offer this a well.