The best crafts are made with the best tools, and no tool is more vital than a good pair of scissors. So treat yours right, and keep them sharp! Not only will your crafting tasks be easier and quicker when you have a good quality pair of sharp scissors, they’ll be safer, too.

Still, even the best scissors will dull over time, so what can we do? Easy! Quickly and safely sharpen them with this easy method, demonstrated by OWN’s Home Made Simple. Check it out in the video below!

The quickest way to sharpen up scissor blades is to do what they do best — use them to cut! It’s just what you cut that makes all the difference. In the Home Made Simple video above, they suggest making some strong cuts into a bit of sandpaper to sharpen up the blades, but that’s not your only option.

You can also cut into some folded aluminum foil to refresh your scissors, sharpen the blades along the side of a mason jar, or even invest in a sharpening stone for this very purpose!

Personally, we prefer using sandpaper or aluminum foil techniques because, truthfully, they’re just so easy! What do you think? Which sharpening method do you like best for keeping your scissors in tip-top shape?