How to Save Money on Holiday Cards

Preparing to send out holiday cards to wish your family and friends a happy holiday season? Don’t send them without considering the number of ways you could spend less on this simple act. Here are some ideas from Frugal Living:

  • Don’t Send Cards: unless holiday cards are a great tradition in your family, consider not sending them at all. That’s the best way to save money on them if you can take it off your must-do list.
  • Send Post Cards: these require less postage than cards and you can easily make your own – maybe even out of last year’s Christmas cards!
  • Send E-Cards: send out e-cards for free to wish your friends and family a happy holiday season.
  • Buy Your Cards on Clearance: this is more of a tip for next year, but right after Christmas, you can find great sales on holiday items like cards. Take advantage of these sales and stock up for next year on the cheap.

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