Have you ever walked or jumped into water with a cell phone in your pocket? Or have you ever dropped a phone in a puddle? The phone’s destroyed, right? You’ve surely lost all of your data and contacts and are doomed to buy yet another expensive phone to keep communications up and running, right? Not necessarily!

Take a look at this video from Money Talks News in which Stacey talks about how you may be able to save your phone should the worst happen:

Here are the 5 steps that the video goes over:

  1. Turn the phone off immediately. You want to avoid electrical activity to protect the circuitry. Also, remove the battery and your SIM card in you can. You might be able to save your contacts and data even if the phone is dead.
  2. Wipe off all visible moisture from the phone and battery with a paper towel, cloth, or whatever else you have handy.
  3. Fill a plastic Ziplock bag or a Tupperware container with dry, uncooked rice. Bury your phone in the rice and allow it to sit overnight if not for a day or two.
  4. Get a cheap replacement phone as a backup if need be. You can go to the store with your SIM card and get a cheap phone to keep communications up and running while you wait for your phone to dry fully.
  5. Check and recharge your phone. Hope for the best!

Thanks to Money Talks News for the tips and The Dollar Stretcher for the heads up!