Have you ever been to a yard sale or antique store and found the perfect piece of wood furniture, but noticed that it had a really old, musty smell? Don’t give up on that piece just yet! There are several techniques you can try to get that musty odor out, and they’re pretty simple. Take a look at some tips from Freshome that will repel the smell:

  • Dehumidify: because wood is porous and takes in the moisture and smells of its surroundings, the furniture could easily have a musty smell because of being in an old house, basement or attic. Try putting the furniture in a low-moisture room in your house, use a dehumidifier and close the door. Do this a few hours daily and see if that process has helped after a few days.
  • Sit Outside in the Sun: this works similarly to the dehumidifying step. The sun rays will help to dry the wood out and remove the musty smell. Don’t do this for days on end, and placing the furniture under a covered or screened in porch is ideal.
  • Odor Fighting Substances: for armoires or dressers with drawers, try placing coffee grounds or charcoal in and open container inside of the drawers and close. Replenish as needed. Both substances work to bring the musty smell out of the wood.

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