Of all the rooms in our homes, the bathroom is the hardest one to refresh— but it’s also the one that NEEDS a makeover the most. Most of us don’t have the funds or the time to do an expensive bathroom renovation – especially if there’s only one bathroom in our house! – but we still want to freshen it up a bit. One place we can start? The junkyard. It sounds kind of crazy, but Better Homes and Gardens is here to show us how it’s just one of many ways to redo the most-used room in the house the DIY, frugal way.

This renovation is mainly for cosmetic purposes; as she says in the video, the tiles on the bathroom walls are in good shape, they could just use a fresh coat of paint! The sink area, however, is a bit past its prime, so that will be tossed out and replaced.

Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned in a home renovation project! While taking out the old glass shower wall, some of the bathtub tile did end up cracking. However, because the tile is being painted over, they managed to glue it right back into place without it causing a problem.

The next step is to paint over the bathroom wall tile. What’s most important when prepping tile to paint is making sure the tile is squeaky clean — there can’t be any soap scum or grime in the grout! If you’ve got mold, use a watered down bleach solution to kill it before continuing. All you need is a solid cleanser and some serious elbow grease to get the job done, and once you’re finished, you can paint those tiles! We love the ivory color she used on these walls, it really softens up the space.

For a new sink, they went searching at the local junk yard; this is a super clever way to get every piece you need for your new bathroom for the lowest possible price! She snagged a new sink, a vanity perfect for plumbing that comes complete with trendy baskets for storage, a rustic frame for the mirror, and even a sliding glass door for the shower.

The next step is to finish painting the bathroom. Now that the tiles have dried on the bottom half of the wall, it’s time to paint the upper half, which is regular drywall. We love this design tip she uses for choosing the “Clay Dust” color she chose; she checked out the colors in the vintage, mosaic tile floor, selected one and used that color to paint the top half of the wall! This helps to tie the whole bathroom together.

To finish up, she fixes up all the pieces she found at the junkyard! To see how she takes these cheap pieces to classy, expensive-looking furniture, you have to watch the Better Homes and Gardens video below.

What did you think of this amazing bathroom renovation? Were you as blown away by the end result as we were? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.