Of all the small mysteries out there, one that truly baffles us is why in the world do dishes always have the stickiest, hardest-to-remove price tags? No matter how carefully we try to peel them away, there are always stubborn remnants left behind, and it always takes way more washes than we want to fully remove them.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution, and it is ridiculously easy. OWN shows us how.


  • Blow-dryer


Step 1: Using the hair-dryer, apply light heat to where the annoying price tag is stuck.

Step 2: Leave the heat on for only five to ten seconds.

Sep 3: Grab the label from the corner and start peeling it away. If you notice some paper is staying behind, stop peeling and apply more heat. But if the label is coming off smoothly, pull gently until it’s completely off.


It’s actually that easy! Can you believe you’ve been scraping off tricky tags when this trick was there all along?! Watch the video below to see this hack in action.