Glass bottles are some of the best and the easiest things to reuse, but getting their adhesive labels off can be a real headache. When you’re trying to repurpose the jar or bottle, but you know it’s not going to look quite as pretty with its label still on, you’ll do pretty much anything to get that label off.

But sometimes even your best attempts are useless. Those labels are sticky and stubborn, and they’re not coming off without a fight.

What’s worse, sometimes you manage to peel up the label and get some of it off. The operative word there is SOME. While a large chunk of the label might come off, it’s nearly impossible to remove that white layer underneath.

If you thought the label was hard to get off, that under layer will make things impossible.

Looking to remove that label, stickiness and all? Well, there is a way! And it’s easier than you’d think. Green Talk shows us how to remove stubborn stickiness and get your glass glowing with one common household staple. There’s no need for chemicals with this hack, all you need is something that you probably have sitting in your cabinet right now.

First, you need to rub this ingredient onto the sticky aftermath of the label using a wash cloth or paper towel. The second step is to use a Brillo scrubber to go at the residue; this is a crucial step because although this ingredient will loosen the label, you need a little elbow grease to really get that label off.

For good measure, make sure to go through this process maybe once or twice.

Were you surprised by Green Talk’s trick? Do you have your own way of removing stubborn stickiness? Share your thoughts on this handy hack in the comments section below.