How to Get Furniture Dents out of Your High Pile Carpet

We all know that a nice area rug can take a room from merely nice to perfectly cozy, but we ALSO know that those high-pile carpets can require a lot of maintenance. One seemingly-small but actually really annoying problem? Furniture dents! Those little dips in the rug from chair legs, tables and other heavy pieces can seem like they’re pretty permanent, and that the only thing you can do is put the furniture back and hope that nobody notices. No true! There are actually FOUR ways you can try to bring your rug back to its original state, and AWM walks us through each one.

4 Ways to Get Rid Of Furniture Dents

  1. Ice:
    Yes, ice! For smaller dents, just drop an ice cube into it. Let it melt overnight, then comb over it the next day with a wide-toothed comb, brush, or the edge of a credit card.
  2. Suction:
    Dent more stubborn? Start by brushing over it – again, use a wide-toothed comb or the side of a credit card – then bring out your vacuum hose and apply some suction.
  3. Steam:
    For larger dents, steam is your best friend. Thoroughly dampen a washcloth or tea towel and lay it over the dent. Set your iron to the cotton setting and iron over the cloth, going slightly beyond the outline of the dent. Allow the cloth or towel to dry for several hours.
  4. Intense:
    For those really stubborn dents you’ve probably been avoiding for a while, you need an intense method that combines all of these tricks. First, mist the area and comb it out, then follow it up with the steam method, using an iron or a carpet steamer. If the dent persists, mist and comb again, then hit the dent with heat from a hair dryer on medium.

With all four of these methods on your side, those furniture dents don’t stand a chance! Have you ever tried any of them before? Do you have any tips of your own to share?