We can all pretty much all agree: It’s not summer without enjoying fresh corn on the cob. There’s just nothing like wiping a slab of butter all over the kernels and taking that first bite as you sit outside in the sun. Mmm, we can just picture it.

Corn is, of course, an absolutely delicious vegetable, but there are also lots of health benefits to it, too. The veggie is high in all of vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron, plus it’s said to boost your energy, lower blood sugar and even help your skin.

There is one major downside of corn. And if you’ve ever made it yourself you probably know exactly what we’re talking about: It’s one of those foods that really make you work for the taste.

If you’re buying corn straight from a farm stand, or even from the grocery store, that means it comes wrapped in its husk and trailing silk. And if you’ve ever peeled corn, even just one time in your life, you know that getting rid of both of these things is quite the time-consuming task, not to mention the silk strands seem to go everywhere (except your garbage pail).

While it’s definitely worth it for a good side dish, sometimes we just don’t have the minutes or the patience to peel the corn. In fact, the effort it takes to get corn ready to cook can make you not want to make corn ever again.

At those moments, rather than turning to frozen kernels, we just discovered an easy, incredible trick we can use, and it involves a surprising appliance: the microwave.

That’s right, in just a few minutes, the microwave can help you peel your entire cob of corn, making dinner that much simpler to get on the table.

Don’t believe us? Cooking Light demonstrates this quick, mind-blowing hack.

How crazy cool is that? Let’s recap that method:

  1. Place the corn on a plate and microwave for about 3-4 minutes.
  2. Starting from the stalk end, slice off the tip 1 inch above the last row of kernels.
  3. Grab the corn by the uncut end, and shake while squeezing at the same time. The corn will slide out husk-and-silk free!

All thanks to the magic of microwave steam! Have you ever seen this trick before? What do you think of it? Do you have any other easy tips to make shucking corn easier?

What other foods do you struggle with preparing that maybe we can find easy ways to help?