Those jarred candles that you can get from specialty stores like Yankee Candle may smell like a little bit of heaven in your home, but they’ll certainly cost you a pretty penny to purchase. And they may just be out of your budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy scented candles in your home anyway. I’ve found some great tutorials and videos on the subject and compiled them all here. We hope you enjoy!

Candles in a Jar

Making these can be a great little project for a boring afternoon. And you’ll get some great use out of a mason jar that used to hold sauce or spices in your home. There are many great tutorials out there for making these, i.e. the ones at Simply Fun Stuff and eHow, but the basic idea is the same.

You’ll need to purchase wick material from your local craft store, wax from the same store (or wax from leftover candles) and oil for your desired scent. You should have everything else you need for this project right in your own home.

Free-Form Candles

Here’s some advice for how you can make scented, colored candles in different shapes and sizes:

Making the Most Of Your Candles

And once you’ve made your scented candles and enjoyed them down to the very end, you should still have a bit of wax remaining that you can’t necessarily use up. Don’t throw the remainder away! KristinsCreations shows you a great way to make sure of the wax and jars the candles may be stored in.Take a look:

Getting Funky With Your Candle Making

Now if you’ve mastered the basics, or even if not, you’ll want to try out some of these cool homemade candle ideas. The possibilities truly are endless!

  1. How to Make a DIY Bacon Fat Candle: if you love the smell of bacon in the morning, this candle is for you.
  2. How to Decorate a Candle with a Paper Napkin: once you’ve made your free form candle, give it some more personality and color with this cool hack.
  3. How to Make 5 Different Emergency Candles: my favorite of this bunch is the candle you can making using only an orange peel.
  4. Make a Teacup Candle: this is an adorable little gift idea for your tea-loving friend.
  5. How to Make Seashell Candles: super easy and perfect for any beach-themed room or gathering.

Have any experience in making candles at home? Have any great tips to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below. Thanks for being a Tip Hero!