Smarty Pants PencilsLately, you might find that kids are less excited to get up and go to school. It’s cold and dark in the mornings and that “start of school excitement” has begun to wear off. To recharge their batteries and get them excited about learning, have them make creative school crafts. If your kids are bored with plain old school supplies, why not spend an afternoon making these fun crafts with them? Not only will you get to spend quality time with your but you will also get them excited for school. I’ve collected nine crafts that will jazz up any desk or backpack.

Pencils are the most basic of school supplies but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Add some flair to those No. 2 pencils with these easy kids craft ideas. Recycle some cardboard and have your little girl make Butterfly Pencil Toppers. She can decorate each butterfly with paint and even add cute googly eyes. Make a bunch and she can hand them out to her friends.

If butterflies aren’t your child’s favorite, try making these super easy Smarty Pants Pencils. All you have to do is wrap colorful washi tape around a pencil to add an interesting decoration.

Avengers BookmarksRecycle Popsicle sticks to make cool crafts for school. If your kids love superheroes, they will have so much fun making these Avengers Bookmarks. Paint a Popsicle stick to resemble their favorite hero – this craft will encourage them to read!

You can also paint the Popsicle sticks to resemble pencil and add a magnet to make these Back to School Magnets. If you and your kids are feeling more ambitious, try making this Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder. It’s a convenient way to store all those cool pencils that the kids have made.

Make your kids’ notebooks stand out by making colorful covers. This craft will protect their books from the wear and tear of daily use. Use your fabric scraps to make these Fabric Covered Notebooks or recycle those paper bags into a Paper Bag Journal Cover.

Chalkboard Desk DotsLet your kids personalize their notebook covers by drawing on them with fabric paint or markers. Whether your kids are just learning the alphabet or writing every day, they will love playing with these Chalkboard Desk Dots. They can just wipe away the chalk anytime they want to write or draw something new.

Once your kids have made all these fun crafts, they’ll need something to carry it all in. This Notebook Paper Tote has room for all their supplies and looks just like a piece of notebook paper.

How do you motivate your kids to learn?