Looking for a cute and simple springtime dessert? Have we got a treat for you! These flower pots look like regular old potted flowers. While the flower pot and the flower might be real, that stuff the flower is resting in is NOT dirt. It’s actually layers of chocolate ganache, crushed Oreos, warm cake and ice cream! A little bit better than dirt, I think. These adorable flower pot cakes are simple to pull together and make perfect party desserts or even take-home favors! Watch the video below to see how these surprising cakes are made.

Your guests will be so pleasantly surprised by this fresh spring treat! I think it’s safe to say few people expect to be served potted plants for dessert. If you love this little terra cotta pot craft, check out other clever DIYs you can make using regular clay pots!



– Cake (already baked)
– Chocolate ganache
– Crushed Oreos
– Cut Straws
– Ice cream
– Terra cotta pots
– Fresh or plastic flowers


1. Place a layer of tin foil in the bottom of the flower pot.
2. Start with a layer of cake. Use a biscuit cutter to cut the cake to the size of the pot.
3. Put in a layer of chocolate ganache and crushed Oreos.
4. Insert a straw (measured and cut to the height of the pot) for the flower to go into.
5. Add a layer of ice cream.
6. Add a second layer of ganache and Oreos.
7. Add a final layer of ice cream.
8. For the final layer, heap on just crushed Oreos for a dirt-like affect.
9. Put a fresh flower (or plastic flower) inside the straw for the finishing touch.