Looking for ways to bring some spring into your home? Then you’ll adore these beautiful little swirly paper flowers. You don’t need much in order to make them, and they end up looking so adorable. And like real flowers, they won’t die on you. They’ll just continue brightening your spring days. Debashish Dutta has a great video tutorial that shows us the steps:

Here are some instructions for this project from Instructables

Here’s What You Need:

Colored paper
Customized colored paper (or single colored papers)

Here’s What You Do:

  1. Cut colored paper into 2″ strips (length of your choice) The make a thin fold along one of the vertical edges of the strips.
  2. Cut fringe into the strips, making sure to leave about 1cm of the strip along the vertical edge intact. Try to cut fringe equally and as thin as possible.
  3. Make swirls with each bit of fringe by rolling each strip from the cut end to the intact end. Take your time with this step – it’s important to make sure all of the swirls turn out great.
  4. Use green paper to make the flower stem. Just cut a long strip (about 2×10″), then start rolling paper diagonally from any corner. Keep rolling unti you reach the other end. Then, just a apply a bit of glue to both ends of the paper to make sure it’s secure.
  5. Take the fringe paper, apply glue along the intat part, then wrap the glued area around the green rolled paper. Keep rolling, and gluing, until the swirly paper ends.
  6. Check out Instructables if you want to learn how to add leaves. Enjoy your flowers!