There’s little that’s cooler in this world than things that glow. If you want to make a glowing jar, whether for a child’s night light or for some offbeat decor, it’s easy to do.

Here’s what you do to make the first one:

glow1Lil Blue Boo
  1. Find a great jar that you can spare.
  2. Fill your jar with water.
  3. Break a few glow sticks (very carefully!) and mix them into each container.

A more adult version of glowing jars can be made like this:

Take highlighter insides and let them sit in water overnight. The next day, carefully remove highlight insides out of the water. You’ll be left with glowing liquid. Add fake plants or animals to get a weird-science look like the photo above.

To make a fairy-glow jar, here’s what you do:

Just grab your jar, cut open a glow stick and carefully shake the insides into your jar. Add in some diamond glitter if desired, cover the jar, and shake it all up.