If you’re looking for a flavorful beverage that’ll cool you off, you really can’t do much better than iced tea. The only drawback? The occasional residual bitterness that makes the tea taste less like a treat and more like medicine. A lot of people respond by trying to cover up the taste with lots of sugar or syrups, but we’ve found a much healthier, far superior method, courtesy of Everyday Food’s Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph: cold brewing! You might know it from the coffee fans, but the method works just as well – if not better! – for best-ever iced tea. Watch how easy it is to do.

Simple, yes? Basically all you need to do is let some of your favorite tea steep in a container of cold water in the refrigerator overnight, and the result is a perfectly refreshing cold brew beverage. If you want more details, check out this mini guide on the Martha Stewart site. Have you ever cold brewed tea before? Do you have your own tricks for avoiding the bitterness that can come with tea?