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Photo Booth Father's Day CardPhoto Booth Father's Day cardWith May almost coming to a close, we’re all eager to get closer and closer to June, the first month of summer and of course, Father’s Day. That’s why we at AllFreeHolidayCrafts feel such a strong urge to share our favorite handmade Father’s Day card around, the Photo Booth Father’s Day card. This card is as personalized as they come, and it’s a whole lot of fun to make. Spend this Saturday in full-out photo shoot mode and capture a few goofy photos of the kids to make Dad the greatest card out there.

Photo Booth Father’s Day Card

Father's Day Photo Booth Card

Photo Booth Father's Day CardPhoto Booth Father's Day CardThe Photo Booth Father’s Day card is so much more than a handmade card for Dad; it’s a day full of photography, and dress-up fun for the kids. Follow the step-by-step directions in this tutorial to create fun and goofy props for the children and grandchildren to model with. This Father’s Day craft will fill the entire day with fun and laughter.

Photo Booth Father's Day Card

Once you have finished your cut-outs and props, create a simple background to re-create the feel of an actual photo booth. Then it’s time to move on to the best part; the photo shoot! Your kids and grandchildren will have so much fun dressing-up for Daddy and Grandpa’s card, you won’t believe how many great shots you’ll be able to get. In all honestly, taking pictures of the little ones has never been this easy!

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This wonderful Father’s Day card is as great as they come, it’s a blast to create and will leave you with life-long memories, and photographs too! Gather up the young in’s and get started on this wonderful Photo Booth Father’s Day card; it’s perfect for your father and husband alike.


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What’s the goofiest craft that you’ve ever started with the kids?