How To Make A Kid-Friendly And Caffeine-Free Tiramisu

Of all our favorite Italian foods, tiramisu is probably the most special. It’s a dessert unlike any other, and the coffee flavor is a huge part of that unique taste. Of course, if you’re a parent, you probably worry about accidentally over-caffeinating your kids when you introduce this treat to them. That’s why we all need this version from Buona Pappa! Watch how he makes it with a simple, kid-friendly change!

As you saw, this version of tiramisu is totally alcohol-and-caffeine-free, making it absolutely kid-friendly! You’ll make it using eggs, mascarpone cheese, brown sugar, decaf coffee, milk, lady finger cookies, cocoa powder and salt. For the exact amounts and a written recipe, head on over to Buona Pappa’s blog. Now tell us what you think! Would your kids enjoy this treat? Have you ever made tiramisu before? What other Italian desserts do you love?