In the mood for a slushie? You don’t have to go down to 7-Eleven to get it. All you need is a bottle of soda and your freezer to create an instant slushie. Better yet, if you show this trick to your friends, they’re bound to think that you’re capable of magic.

The King of Random shows us how this simple, yet impressive, trick works in three simple steps.

You’ll Need

  • 1 bottle of soda (or more, if you’re making slushies for multiple people)
  • Containers for your slushie (bowls, glasses, etc.)
  • A freezer


Shake your soda bottle(s) violently.


Put your soda(s) in the freezer for 3 hours and 15 minutes; this is the point where they’re colder than freezing, but not frozen.


Here’s where the magic comes in. Loosen the cap quickly to release the pressure, then tighten it again. Now flip the bottle upside-down and watch it turn to a slushie right in the bottle.


It’s honestly that simple! The video below shows how you can make the slushie in a few different ways, all of them as simple and definitely as impressive. Even if you’re not interested in trying this DIY for yourself (…but why wouldn’t you be?!) give the video below a watch just to see how cool this “magic trick” is for yourself!

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